FESTO, a global leader of automation technology, was established in 1925, headquartered in Esslingen, Germany. FESTO was officially launched in Taiwan in 1979. FESTO’s products include pneumatic and electric actuators, valves, valve islands, easy-to-install connection systems, handling and assembly technology, air preparation units, fittings, vacuum technology, position and quality monitoring, sensors and control technology, as well as a diverse range of educational training products.

O-DEAR and FESTO are embarking on an important collaboration. O-DEAR specializes in integrating peripheral equipment and automation control systems for smart factories, while FESTO leads the industry in pneumatic control technology. This partnership aims to leverage each other’s strengths to jointly develop markets, enhance product service quality, and achieve mutual benefits and win-win outcomes.

FESTO成立於 1925 年,總部位於德國埃斯林根,1979年正式進入台灣,是自動化科技的全球領導供應商,FESTO 產品包括氣壓驅動器、電動驅動器、閥、閥島、安裝簡易的連結系統、移載組裝技術、空氣調理單元、接頭、真空技術、位置與品質監測、感測器與控制技術、及多樣化的教育訓練產品。